Our Manifesto

No infinite scroll.

We believe that even just one piece of content, be it an article, video, podcast or whatever form it takes, can be a goldmine. You, therefore, won’t use Listory to scroll through an endless feed of “empty calories” content, but to get delighted and inspired with every story we put in front of you.

Curation, not aggregation.

We always choose quality over quantity. That's why every story in Listory was added by a human curator.

Humans, not algorithms.

We rely on humans, not algorithms, to find the content that matters. In each field we’ve identified the top experts and thought leaders. They are people who spent their career building social networks and workflows to keep themselves ahead. They share only the most important stories with their audience. By following the recommendations of experts, we bring to you only content that is authentic, relevant and important.

Refinement, not personalization.

We put just the most important stories in front of you. But unlike personalization engines, where everything is a blackbox, in Listory you can see why something was refined and backtrack the refinement process to see the pool of stories we’ve processed for you.

Intersection, not union.

The more curators you follow the better and less noisy your experience will be.  That’s because, unlike any other social network, we look for the intersection of recommendations made by the people you follow, not the union of anything they read or share.

Delight, not attention.

It’s your delight, not how much time you spend in the app, which we are obsessed with. We rely on human expertise to refine and mine the signal from the noise, all to achieve our goal of WOW’ing you with every story.