About the Refinery

Listory is the world’s first content refinery. 

What's a content refinery?

Content refining is the process of extracting, from the vast amount of content available online, the most relevant, timely and credible stories. It’s like the difference between Yelp, where you’d find every possible restaurant, to the Michelin guide where each restaurant is hand-picked.

How does it work?

We monitor more than 1000 newsletters, curated by experts and thought leaders in areas such as product, engineering, design, startup, VC and more. We then extract the stories recommended by those curators and estimate their importance by counting the number and quality of links to them from other curators. Our underlying assumption is that more important stories are likely to be mentioned by more experts.

Build your own refinery

You can build your own refined content experience by following curators and newsletters in Listory. The more you follow the better the refinement you’ll achieve. How come? Unlike traditional social networks where the more you follow the more content you have to sift through, Listory looks for the “intersection” of curators and picks those stories that are most popular by the experts. Don’t expect an infinite feed. In fact, sometimes we might not have something worthy enough of your attention. But when we do, expect a Michelin star restaurant experience!