Content Curation Startups Through The Industries

Revolve, Asos, NastyGal

Online shops such as Revolve, ASOS, and NastyGal introduce new opportunities to not only shop for your favorite brands but ones that are similar to your taste. The beauty of curated “edits” is that you know the items within the edits are hand-selected pieces for you and organized in a visually appealing and straightforward manner.

Revolve's Hot List

Eater, Grubhub, The Infatuation

Finding a restaurant to go to is difficult and there’s plenty of pressure. It’s an outing where you are going to spend money, have accompaniment, and spend a significant amount of time. That’s why your best resort would be a good recommendation. Sites like Eater, GrubStreet, The Infatuation are excellent examples of content curated recommendations.

The Infatuation - Restaurants curation and recommendation

When entering The Infatuation, you may or may not know what you are looking for, but they make it super easy for you. From Brunch to Date Night to What’s New, The Infatuation curates a list of the best of the best. They don’t house all restaurants, but the ones worth your time. Eater does the same with its interactive Maps section in their navigation bar. Whatever you are in the mood for, you know that you could trust a recommendation from those who know good food


Spotify completely changed the way we consume music — the beauty of variety in the form of human-curated playlists. Based on what you listen to, Spotify recommends and curates a playlist made specifically for you.

Spotify transformed the music industry by making playlist curation a thing.

Spotify so brilliantly navigates users through the content that we unknowingly want to listen to. Either tapping into your mood, based on your preferences, or your listening history — Spotify has an entire team dedicated to curation: it’s the best way to put forth content.


Curation and personalization is Netflix’s specialty. Much like Spotify, Netflix ’s user experience guides the users through movies and shows based on the viewers liking and history. Netflix curates your personal landing page to match your preferences (they nail it everytime.) Along with the most recent introduction of Top 10. You could see what everyone else is watching — what’s trending and most popular shows and movies on Netflix. Next for Netflix is the introduction of human-curated collections, this will be the best thing that happens to Netflix, combining the power of personalization and curation is the key to success.

Netfilx's exploring human-curation as well

Twitter, Zest, and Refind

Social media, like Twitter, is a great way to find content. I wouldn’t say that Twitter “content curates” for you, but we can’t deny that the most exciting content can be found on Twitter. You could curate your own experience through Twitter Lists, Bookmarking, Topics, Moments, TweetDeck, the list goes on and on. It's super effective to keep up to date with, well, everything.

If that’s too much work for you, Zest and Refind are great alternatives that do that work for you. The best part about both of these content curation startups is that they arrive straight to your inbox. Pick your topics on Refind and every morning a curator behind the scenes will deliver 10 great links for you to check-out. Zest allows you to consume, search, as much as you want with curation built in. Anything from case studies to podcasts to professional content, Zest uses crowdsourcing to ensure you are reading quality content recommended for you.