Top Curators in the Business and Finance Sector

There are so many excellent Business and Finance newsletters. I've just listed a few, feel free to read along and explore their Listory profiles and past issues.

Business > Tech

  1. 10 Things: This newsletter mostly covers tech, but sometimes you’ll get a dose of random amazing content. Every week, Your Majesty compiles 10 pieces of content with an overarching theme. This is for the inquisitive mind interested in learning new things.
  2. 5ish by MG Siegler: This is one of those newsletters you must subscribe to. MG Siegler runs through his reads and picks of the week with the perfect amount of analysis and commentary. Seigler picks two stories to delve into and leaves the reader to form their own opinion on the last three. 
  3. The Plug: Founder Sherrell Dorsey started The Plug back in April 2016 with the goal of putting the work, business decisions, and advancement of Black innovators in technology at the top of the news cycle. It's the first daily tech newsletter investigating trends covering founders, innovators, and investors of color. I recently subscribed to this one and I couldn't have been more pleased. Sherrell takes the reader through "Major Moves" (i.e. what you actually need to know this week), who's hiring in the tech space, funding for black-owned or minority businesses, and black tech startups to follow and support.

Business > Media

  1. 2PM: There’s a reason why 2PM has a 51.2% open rate, it’s really that great. The weekly newsletter covers everything you need to know from data, brands, business, e-commerce, and more. The editor's notes really help tell the story of the content. There is plenty of data visualization here, a roundup of articles tagged with categories, and really easy, digestible language. Highly recommended.
  2. Almost Timely: Written by Christopher Penn, each week, you’ll get some of the top news and articles in marketing, analytics, data science, and AI. The best part of Almost Timely, aside from the really organized/simplistic format, but it's his "You Ask, I Answer" section. Readers ask him a question and you could count on Chris Penn to answer diligently with loads of information hitting every question you may or may not have thought of.
  3. The Idea by The Atlantic: is a weekly newsletter covering the media business. And, for the next three weeks, they will be analyzing Black-owned media in the US. Their newsletter is one of those newsletters you read from top to bottom. There is one story that is being told from past, present, to future. At the bottom, they will share one story with commentary in each sector from Twitter to Earnings to Ad Revenue to, etc. This changes with time-based on the current climate. They also have a really cool subscriber spotlight, which of course, sheds some light on one of the subscriber's professional careers in an interview format. (This is a great source to find new books based on the subscriber's recommendation.)

Business > Marketing

  1. Behind the Curtain: Yoann Lopez shares exclusive tools, methods, and processes of the best organizations out there. He's a serial maker, so he'll give you an inside look as to what he's up to and currently building. This newsletter is less of a curated recommendation and more personal, which I love. He shares his insight from his current projects which is your perfect replacement for “how to start a business” search on Google. 
  2. Sticky Notes: Cole Schafer is probably the coolest copywriter. His newsletter is all about copywriting and how to use words and storytelling to sell your products. If you go on his website, I dare you to not subscribe, it's impossible, that's how good he is. It's one of the more creative, fun, and actionable newsletters out there.
  3. Tech Bound: This newsletter is your secret weapon for growth marketing strategy. Kevin Indig focuses on user acquisition, retention, SEO, and monetization. With over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, more specifically technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Growth, Kevin knows exactly the steps and tools for placing your product at the top of the chain.

Business > Finance

  1. Abnormal Returns: Tadas Viskanta shares a quote of the day, chart of the day, articles based on topics such as markets, strategy, IPOS, company profiles, private equity, funds, and more. The best part about Abnormal Returns is that it's organized beautifully - you could easily skim through what you need to get to and/or pick the topics you are interested in.
  2. Better Have My Money: One of my personal favorites. Amber Jamieson's approach to finance is to mix pop-culture and finance - lightening the density with a bit of your favorite pop-culture gossip. Better Have My Money is a weekly(ish) newsletter talking about stocks for newbies.
  3. Not Boring: Packy McCormick is an excellent curator and writer. I've had the pleasure of speaking with him and his time and effort are clearly shown in his work. Not Boring is the most fun way to learn about what’s going on in business and the strategy behind the decisions companies make. “If Ben Thompson and Bill Simmons had a baby, it would look like Not Boring.” (Two more newsletters you should subscribe to ^)
  4. Fintech Startup Digest: From the makers of Startup Digest, they have multiple series, but the best one, I personally believe, is this one. Alessandro Ravanetti shares relevant and exciting utilization of a number of innovative technologies, be it disruptive or sustaining to the existing financial services industry.

Some more if you are as passionate about newsletters as me:

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