Listory: The Backstory

Listory Refines

What is Listory?

Listory is the world’s first content refinery. It empowers human-curation to mine the best of the web. Save time and stay on track in your pursuit of knowledge by following the reads of the leading experts and influencers in the topics you’re interested in.

Think of Listory as the Michelin guide for content — Listory isn’t about having all the content in the world, but only that which is worth your time reading.

What is Listory solving for?

We founded Listory with the main objective of placing the best content in front of our readers — no distractions, total confidence.

The news is just like cereal. — Dave Perell

Captain Crunch, Cocoa Krispies, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms simply are nutritional disasters but this wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. Cereal was viewed as the healthiest morning option and Americans were eager to hop on the cereal bandwagon.

Much like content, we scarfed down our favorite morning breakfast cereal without reading the facts.

Readers are heavily consuming their favorite news sources as soon as they wake. Even if it’s not the most credible source, it’s cheap and easy. Marketing such as “all you need to know in 10 minutes” to “news in bite-size form” creates an urgency to consume news in a mindless manner that leaves readers feeling incomplete, not fulfilled, and most importantly, uncertainty.

We want to redefine the meaning of quality content and how we are getting there — and we believe it starts with trust.

We’re over-flooded with information, at a time when our attention span deteriorates.

News Feeds focus on consumption. In the competition for our attention, they interpret engagement and popularity as a stand-in for relevancy, authority, and credibility.

So, who do we trust?

We trust humans, humans that will give you context, their story, well-versed on a specific top, well-read and knowledgable, real voices. That’s why there is no better starting point than human-curation.

Curators sift through the plethora of content, sources, and channels to place stories in conversation. We simply take the current curation and refine through your signals — likes, follows, saves, shares, etc. This simply allows us to create a no-nonsense reading experience, Your Feed, the relevant, trustworthy, contextual content just for you. Listory isn’t about having all the content in the world, but only that which is worth your time reading.

No-nonsense, no algorithm, no distractions — Listory is the world’s first content refinery and it’s one you can trust.

What You Could Do With Listory