Discovering Discoverability

First off, Startup Ranking put together a list of the best directories for new products.
Going through the list, some may be familiar and others may not, but the key here is to channel your inner internet archaeologist and do some digging.

Reddit: the best place to find gems.

Listed below are some of the subreddit channels that I follow and contribute to. All have their own little flair. Just be mindful of the community rules and read carefully, the last thing that you want is to work on a long post and have a message that says, "sorry, but no." This is not uncommon and don't get discouraged. The main tip to remember is to contribute to the channels that you belong to and rack up those Karma points, they will help with posting your own content.

Happens to the best of us...


These are the basic subreddits you can follow if you are either a startup and want to get exposure or a digital enthusiast that wants to be in the know. I don't know if it was just me, but there definitely was a learning curve. I didn't know what "Karma" meant, how to search properly, how many subreddits to join, etc. I think you should play around and make Reddit yours.

AlternativeTo: exploring alternatives for apps you love.

AlternativeTo is really great, the best feature of the platform is that you could search for a product and the alternatives are crowdsourced. (Plus, you could segment by device, browser, price, etc.) On the site, you could easily search for a tool that you already use but isn't meeting all your needs, then the site gives you recommendations based on the tools.

Here's an example, let's take Notion.

For those that don't know Notion, Notion is more than a note-taking app, you can mold Notion any way you want to build the documents, tools and systems you need.

Alternatives Mentioned:

Just to name a few... These were upvoted by members of You could freely explore other tools, check out their websites, view the pros and cons, and see other tools alternatives - filtering down to your favorite one.

*Similar concept:

AddictiveTips: hacker-esque tips for tools.

AddictiveTips is a great website to find new products and get really awesome tips for all your devices. Just head over to the primary navigation and click on the tool you need a bit of help with, you'll find a bunch of articles that can guide you to either customize the tool you are using or offer you a new one.

How to add an RSS feed to Outlook 365

A great little additive is that Addictive Tips allows you to "tip" them with general tips, apps, news, or anything useful to the AddictiveTips team. Plus, if you are a startup and want to be featured, use this page to do that as well!

(P.S. They also have a newsletter that is read by over 35K people where you could get tips directly to your inbox.)

Just note: sometimes the loading time takes a while

AngeList: not only a recruitment platform.

Whether you are looking for a job or not, AngeList hosts a bunch of startups that you could discover. If you are a startup and want to be discovered, create a profile for the company, add your product information and images, share stories about your workplace culture and employees, along with funding information if you choose.

*Pro-tip: if you are a startup, it's definitely helpful to check out some of your competitors, their information, along with funding reporting to cross-reference and gain some knowledge. Always helps to see what the other folks are doing.

Slant: finding your next best...

Slant is one of the coolest platforms, seriously. The site allows you to search "what are the best..."

Essentially, anything can be searched and all the answers are crowdsourced, alternatively, search a tag or keyword. Users can also ask a question, follow questions and tags (get updates when a new tool is mentioned), and create a custom feed of tag words that you could always modify if need be.

Side note: Slant released Lustre which is a chrome extension to help you find and buy the right product. Aside from giving you the lowest price, Lustre will also analyze the reviews in your cart, allow you to view Reddit discussions and/or YouTube reviews before purchase, and give you recommendations/ alternatives based on your selected items. Going to try it out and review this.

ProductHunt: the go-to product discovery hub.

I feel like I wouldn't do Product Hunt justice, so here are a couple of crowdsourced reviews:

Well curated products - every single day I discover new useful products & services. Ryan Hoover does an awesome job curating the links submitted by the community, and an even better job curating the people who have access to discussions. Similar: the value of having an awesome community upvoting the best is huge as it helps me reduce noise on a busy day. - Kristoffer Tjalve

The platform combines peer referrals with a forum-like format and surfaces products that are both intriguing and relevant to the tech-focused community. And while Product Hunt’s site may not look like much, it has amassed a large and active following, including key tech influencers, celebrities, reporters, and more recently, venture capitalists. - Katie Griffing, HackerNoon

Something that is very unique to Product Hunt is that it doesn’t give users a bunch of options to share content on their social channels. You have the option to tweet a new product, and that’s pretty much it — and even that is fundamental to the site because users log in using their Twitter identities. Choices are limited. As a visitor, you can click through to see products, and if logged in, you can upvote or comment. - First Round Review Interview with Ryan Hoover

You get it, Product Hunt is just awesome and if you don't believe me, check out this course, The History of Product Hunt to really understand Ryan Hoover's mission and goals, reaching the most active groups of tech early adopters, and the journey of Product Hunt and how it got to where it is today.

Lastly, I can't write a product discovery post without mentioning Product Hunt. If you need anything, start here.

Mashable: the hidden best anything list

You may or may not know that Mashable has a great list of products to help guide you in your quest. It's hidden, for sure, but if you head over to the primary navigation and hover on "Shop," you'll see a list of the "Best of." You could also search on the top right corner, type "Best Of" and pick you poison. I know that "Best Of" and "Top 10s" have a bad rep, but honestly if you do a little bit of manual work, you can easily find really neat tools.

Here's an example: Best of the nice internet in 2020, so far

StackShare.Io: stacks on stacks on stacks.

If you are a developer, product lover, and/or stack enthusiast, StackShare will get you all giddy inside. You could search for new tools, compare apps side-by-side, and, the best part, browse stacks.

Plus, just in case you need a new tool or your company is looking for something to try out, you could click on any company profile and look at the tools/apps/platforms they are using to develop their product. Prominent companies are featured here, browse and follow different tools for updates.

Pinterest's Stackshare

Newsletters: because there is really nothing better than a recommendation from someone you trust.

The Product Recommender Round-Up:

There is always something to uncover and new tech tools to try out, start digging, you never know what you may find!