Content Restart

Content has lost its charm. We want to fix that.

Reading a good story is like finding a gem. It brightens your mind, delights and fulfills you. Stories shape your world-view and empower you to make better, more informed, decisions. 

But our views on stories have changed. There’s so much content available, that finding what’s interesting, relevant and credible is hard. So, we turn to social platforms and news feeds that push it at us. But those platforms care more about our attention than our delight. They use content as a means to lure us to click, like or keep scrolling through the infinite feed. 

As the competition for our attention intensifies, sensational headlines and fragments of unverified information take a more dominant role in shaping our views and opinions.  We spend more time scrolling and chasing the next dopamine inducing update, and less time enjoying inspiring stories.

Yet stories still hold their magical nature of helping us connect, grow and unleash the power of our brain. Stories deserve better, and Listory is on a mission to bring them back to the center. 

Listory is a mission-driven content app, helping you get smarter and happier through the content you read, watch or listen to. In Listory, great stories are the goal, the rest are means to enjoy them.

Great stories are our goal! We mean that! To put our money where our mouth is, we've created the #ListoryChallenge, a daily “bet” we make with our users. Here’s how it works:

Listory is a product of our passion for content and discovery. If you share that passion, read our manifesto and join our community on the Web, iOS, and Android.