Content Curation and Its Rise to Fame

The first question you should ask yourself is what is content curation? To answer it simply, “Content curation – unearthing quality content that adds value to people’s lives – can bring all types of opportunities. Done right, it leads to a more influential position online and accelerates invaluable relationships and referrals.”

Content Curation is the process of sifting through the information abundance of content on the web and organizing it in a meaningful way - i.e. telling a story through content. Content Curators are those who perform content curation, share their unique perspective, opinions, and analysis through the content.

Content Curation has become mainstream, however, it’s difficult for readers to find the right opinion to follow. Let alone the fact that they have to decide which curator and/or topic they want to follow. The issue is that we are complex human-beings and when you ask as to “pay” for variety, that doesn't allow for general exploration, diversity in topics, and amongst other ideas that we may not have heard of but would subconsciously like to cross.

My next idea is for every reader to become a content curator, make friends with people that have similar interests but also different opinions.

Seek out the content that you are interested in, go through the vetting process (yourself) by cross-referencing and fact-checking, and share with friends and/or keep it to yourself. It is not only the best way to fully digest information but also to share your point of view and hopefully start a conversation.

All in all content curation is mainstream, but we could perfect it.